Morning Fog


I rarely do grocery early in the morning, so I rarely been to this grocery store with so little pedestrian traffic. 

But with this atmosphere fog and god-rays around the lighting fixtures, you can tell how busy all the employees are there to prepare us the food they are going to be serving to their customers for the day.

Thank-you for all your hard work and preparing the food for us so early in the morning! :)

Getting Ready for the Spring-Summer Routines


A late morning breakfast - taro milkshake with sago - it was worth a 20 minutes walk just for this. A serene morning stroll around the neighbourhood helps clear my mind, I shall make this a new habit to acquire in my daily routine. 

It almost felt like shopping for an estate for the first time. It was very hard to decide which tent to get, but at the end, I decided on the MSR Hubba Hubba. It was lightweight enough for backpacking, and it felt sturdier than the other models they have in the store for a 2 person tent. Looking forward to upcoming camping trips!!


May the 4th - The Force is Strong Today


Perfect camping temperature in the morning, a glimpse of the summer sun in the afternoon, and powerful wind gust in the evening. We got almost every kind of weather here this week!

I have been watching this building being built the last one and a half year. Since it is right next to my workplace and I passed by it everyday, I am wondering how the lighting design is going to look like now that I finally see the main structure going up. The lighting work is done by Mulvey & Banani. I am looking forward to see it finally lit up. :)

Happy May Day!


It a beautiful May Day today, and it’s the first day of the year that I walk to and from work! Spring is definitely here. ☘️🤗

To celebrate the occasion I bought myself the most expensive cookies that I ever gotten in my life. (*ouch*)

Biscotti with white chocolate ~ I’ll eat one as a reward when I feel like I have accomplished  one good work. 😊


It was a very sad day on a beautiful sunny Monday. 
I just don't understand why would someone go on a rampage hurting random people who has nothing to do the attacker's life. 
It is even more unbelievable that it happens right at the area I pass by every time I go back to my hometown.

My heart goes out to the victims, my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends affected by this tragedy. May everyday be a random act of kindness. Please donate, give hope, and help the families affected to rebuild their lives and giving them the emotional and spiritual supports they needed at this difficult time.

Spring colour

It's the first day here that actually feel like Spring has arrived. I am celebrating the occasion by adding colour to my black sofa bed. 

The custom order sofa cover set had arrived just in time for the weather, shipped to me from my birthplace.  
Thank-you Comfort Works for your fine handmade cover set. A true craftsmanship of the Hong Kong tailoring industry heritage!