Procrastination ~


It was supposed to be a day to clean up my closet and organize my spill-over clothes that I kept accumulating at the living space every time I do my laundry, but instead, I spent the day making lunch, take a slow tea time, and playing the violin. It's a great day of chilling and relaxation. ^^

Well, it is almost 10pm and I finally have the motivation to organize the pile of clothes I meant to clean it up weeks ago. (And instead, I am updating the blog, haha. ... and as I typed, I feel like updating my portfolio reel ...) Argh, stop procrastinating!  

Alright, time to get started before I get tired.  Get to work! 

Harvesting the good weather


Here in my little oasis with a cup of kinoko kuromitsu latte from Tsujuri. I went out to bought some flowers back for visual reference. Also as a little pick-me-up treat for my unusually low energy level today. 

The UV rays is strong today. I can feel it though the windows from my apartment with the blinds down.

I got a new sunglasses! The last one without frame was burning my skin through the rim of the lenses. Hopefully, this one does a better job in blocking UV rays. :)


Spring colour

It's the first day here that actually feel like Spring has arrived. I am celebrating the occasion by adding colour to my black sofa bed. 

The custom order sofa cover set had arrived just in time for the weather, shipped to me from my birthplace.  
Thank-you Comfort Works for your fine handmade cover set. A true craftsmanship of the Hong Kong tailoring industry heritage!